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Mail Order Brides Services: What is the Essence and the Way of Usage


Today, all mail order bride services are divided into three types - firstly, traditional, with a huge customer base, psychological tests and photo albums, where clients are arranged to meet with several candidates, secondly, VIP agencies that create the illusion of a chance meeting with potential international brides, and, thirdly, those who specialize in dating parties with elements of games or quick dates. The majority refers to the first type, where a passive or active type contract is concluded with a client. Under the terms of the passive contract, for an amount of from $ 300 to $ 5500 your profile will be entered into the database for six months or a year, and if you approach someone, you will be invited for a date.

The active contract for the amount of $ 5500 and to infinity assumes that you will be looking for a wife for you directly, and includes the work of nutritionists and trainers, consultations on style and image, a photo session, the creation of a portfolio, individual psychological support, all kinds of master classes and, Of course, the agreed number of meetings with selected partners from the database. The agency will check the documents, ask about the reasons for the appeal in order to find a bride, ask you to pass psychological tests and clearly identify who you are looking for. Agreement for cooperation according services for those who are looking for marriage is not concluded with everyone. Married, mentally ill, looking for wealth and not ready to work for themselves, most likely, will not go through the test.


Customer Interaction Methods of Mail Order Brides Services


If the first stage is completed successfully, an agreement is drawn up with the client, so he gets a membership in particular mail order bride service. No one gives a 100% guarantee of marriage. The agency only undertakes to provide within a specified period (usually 6-12 months) a sufficient number of suitable mail order wives and meetings. If the work is built correctly and the account is interesting, then six or eight meetings stipulated by the terms of the contract, provided, of course, active psychological work and work on one’s own attractiveness (yes, some of the clients simply had to sign up for a long time to the gym), it is enough. Simply put, it is not the quantity that is more important, but the quality of the meetings and the degree of preparation for them, which is determined in parallel by the psychological work with the client conducted by the specialists.

For example, you can search for internet brides for as long as you want and make appointments for a girl who, in our language, is “beautifully packed” (a prosperous family, a spectacular appearance, intellect, education, prestigious work, a private apartment and a car), if all the men say after her that it is impossible to have a dialogue with her - sometimes you will not even wait for the response lines in the dialogue! Although it is not worth making hasty conclusions. You need three meetings with the candidate to understand whether she is suitable for you or not, what exactly is not suitable and whether it is possible to work on it. It is recommend seeing the person again. Specialists of UK dating services believe that only after the third meeting, conclusions can be drawn, because sometimes a person simply needs a "discount" on special circumstances. For example, in a case when a man had a serious conflict situation at work on the day of the meeting. He, as a person responsible and decent, still appeared on a date, but he was cooking in his own thoughts. His potential bride thought that he was not very interested in her, but in fact he just had a hard day. That is why sometimes a specialist who clearly understands that his two clients are perfectly matched to each other does not schedule an appointment for them - all because if you rush things, they can just ruin everything, because they are not yet ready to meet that one.

It also happens to work with "specific orders" (search for non-standard requests - they are looking for a bride 20 years younger, only from China). It is much more expensive and rarely used. To sum up with legal advice: to protect yourself from fraudsters when choosing a dating agency, pay attention to the following: does this mail order bride service have a real office, do they have state registration, if they have a “successful marriage” base, if the agency does a good job , then they will have it all. And also find detailed information and reviews about the dating agency with which you want to work, and be sure to enter into a formal contract before parting with the money.


Mail Order Brides Website: Obvious Advantages


  1. Positive statistics from UK dating agencies. In fact, there are a huge number of happy married couples around the world, whose members found each other through a mail order bride service. Of course, no one can give you a guarantee that you will find a lady after a certain amount of time or that you will find it at all, but this way the probability increases many times. In the database, which provides you with a specialist, there are all those people who match your request, so you increase your capabilities by strong relationship. In fact, there are men and women for marriage who have created strong families, gave birth to healthy children and are happy together thanks to the professionalism of the dating agency employees, so you should definitely try;

  2. Large selection of mail order brides who are right for you at the dating agencies. In marriage agencies work true professionals who help people find their love. In life, you need to spend a lot of time and energy in order to find girls for marriage those who suit you. If you go to a dating agency for help, you will only go for dates with legit mail order bride who matches your request. Here are working real professionals who are interested in that you find a partner, because the only way to prove the effectiveness of this activity;

  3. Interesting evening meetings of dating agencies. Many mail order bride services have such a tradition as the organization of events for their customers, even online. This will help you find the right person and gain self-confidence. Evening meetings are held in a relaxed atmosphere, where everyone can feel confident during communication and meet interesting people. A personal meeting with a potential partner is a great opportunity to get to know a person closer, and not just study information about him and watch photos. So you will have fun, chat with interesting people, brighten up your leisure time and, perhaps, find your soulmate;

  4. A variety of mail order brides and dates. Some UK dating agencies are not only looking for potential foreign brides, but also organizing dates. If relatively recently you only went to a local cafe and visited a cinema on the outskirts of the city, then now you can even travel abroad. In life, it is not so easy to understand that a particular person is in search of a couple, therefore it is more difficult to get acquainted and choose. In the dating agency you will be provided with a huge list of people who are ready for a new relationship. Perhaps you will like a hot Italian or a gallant Englishman, or maybe you will like a young black girl with a chic figure.

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Mail Order Brides: Forewarned is Forearmed


When a man meets a woman, he comes from his conditioning, from his picture and expectations. And there are always expectations, and there is something completely different — what a woman really is. When a man meets a mail order bride, he sees a woman who is joyful and happy to meet. But gradually he begins to draw his picture of her and drive her into this picture, into his own frames. When a man starts saying: “I would like you to smoke less, talk less on the phone. I would like you to go like that, dress like that, look like that, breathe like that, eat like that ... ”And this is where the internal conflict begins, not yet noticeable. He seems to be in love, because a woman out of love wants to arrange and agree somewhere. She seems to be ready to change her dress, change her shoes, and generally stay at home more, but, in fact, the essence of this woman is different, and we, in fact, begin to break this woman. We begin to break it, and the woman, without realizing it, begins to give in, break, twist, and shrink. And then her explosion happens, her conflict, because nature cannot be driven into frames. Every person comes into the world completely unique. He has his own tasks and ways of moving through life. Therefore, when a woman is told: “Become such and such”, she, of course, will try, out of love for you, but, more often than not, it is not for long. Or she will try to remain in it, but her inner conflict will remain. This is where the next problem begins - the woman gave up, she did everything that the man wanted, she put herself in a box, they start to “heal” her, take them to psychiatrists, or she starts drinking some pills, talking and reading about depression, no longer interesting, because he broke it. She was no longer what he originally chose. This is what women should always remember. And here is my advice to a woman - to try to remain in a relationship, to preserve yourself and your integrity. Why does a woman allow herself to break? In this regard, there are several conditions and points that are worth considering. There are programs that work regardless of the woman herself - these are ancient programs or programs coming from her kind. The latter are handed down from generation to generation, if a woman assumes the role of being a victim.

We often talk about how important it is to find a woman with whom we will sway on the waves of life, which will be near, no matter what happens. And what is a mail order bride? She is a common woman! The choice of that one is one of the most important decisions in the life of a man, and maybe the most important. The woman with whom the man decides to share his world will be the mother of his children, will help him make plans, bring him to his senses, make him better. But what is the ideal woman? In this case, men need not only a status wife. Men are very important:


  1. Character - beauty is not what a woman looks like, but what she is. Men want to see next to him that which not only works on its appearance, but also tries to be sincere, real. Men like girls with a great sense of humor, who don’t take life too seriously;

  2. Respect for oneself — how a woman presents herself speaks volumes;

  3. Femininity is the ability to create around yourself an atmosphere to which people are drawn, and first of all, her husband. A feminine woman knows her strengths and talents, and constantly develops them in herself. Femininity is not piercing the navel or hemming the eyelids in order to become a beauty. This is, first of all, the development of communication skills and the ability to create their own unique image and style. A feminine woman, first of all, pumps her brain, not her appearance. That is why she always stands out in the crowd of other women, and always remains out of competition.


Which Financial Investments One Will Have to Prepare Concerning Mail Order Brides Services


Mail order bride pricing may really be different, and depends on the particular set of services:


1. Service “Acquaintance - passive” - the most cheap variant.

  • 150 dollars 1 month;

  • 300 dollars for 6 months;

  • 4500 dollars per year;


You receive and select contacts of online brides from our database of customers who agree to give their phones for dating. Call yourself.


2. Service “Acquaintance - an asset” - will cost a bit more expensive:


  • 400 dollars 1 month;

  • 3500 dollars for 6 months;

  • 6000 dollars per year.


During the term of the contract, the expert of the agency selects from the database the most suitable candidates for search for girls according to your wishes. At least three people per month, giving information and recommendations available to the agency for each candidate you choose.


2. Service "Matchmaker" - the most expensive, but you’ll certainly get hot bride - 7000 dollars - the contract is unlimited, to the result. You choose a soul mate to create a family as long as you do not decide on the final choice. After entering into a marriage with European mail order brides or starting a joint residence for 1 year (if necessary), counseling a family psychologist is provided free of charge.

Once again it should be noted that today not “loners” and not “divorcees” apply to a marriage agency, but beautiful, successful people who are forced to give up most of their time to work. The client base of the average dating agency may consist of:

  1. businessmen;

  2. economists;

  3. masters of sports;

  4. ballerinas;

  5. photo models;

  6. office workers.

If you decide to use the services of a mail order bride agent, you must be clear about your partner. The better you describe the person you need, the faster the marriage agent will be able to find you a wife. Honesty and openness: the best helpers in finding brides. In no case do not deceive potential candidates with false information in the questionnaire. Evaluate yourself and the candidate adequately. The generally accepted statement that the first impression is the most correct is in fact fundamentally wrong. You will be able to get an initial idea of ​​a person’s character only after a few personal encounters. Well, further relationships will more accurately show what kind of person is in front of you. As a rule, it is necessary to jointly experience several stressful situations together in order to see who is really worth something.

According to statistics, almost 80% of couples find each other on the Internet. In our time, this is as normal as in the past century — acquaintance on the street: I saw, winked, started a conversation — everything happened. However, only 20% of online dating lead to marriage, or at least to long-lasting stable relationships: either people, having gotten to know each other, understand that there is not so much in common between them, or they are convinced virtuals and hang in cyber-space, either they (most often one of them) were not initially set up for a strong union. Those who come to the marriage agency are serious. Criminal plots are excluded, because services are paid, and marriage scammers usually avoid schemes where starting investments are required. It is obvious that, first of all, very busy people turn to the agency - those who feel sorry for the time for unpromising meetings. They prefer to choose not from a hundred applicants, but from five, but already proven.


FAQ Section


How to find mail order brides?

Sign up for a special a dating site or contact a special mail order bride service, where you will be picked up a bride in accordance with your wishes;

How to order mail order brides?

Those who at least once in their life have been able to sell or buy real estate, know how difficult it is to carry out their plans without expert help. A similar situation occurs when you consciously engage in the process of finding the second half. Suddenly, you notice that those who surround you are a little or even completely “not right”. An exit can be an appeal to a dating agency platform. Mail order bride service is the proper place where with minimal time costs and absolutely safe you can get acquainted with potential mail order brides;

Where to get mail order brides?

Starting your fascinating way in search of love and family happiness, take maximum responsibility for the choice of a mail order bride agency. You should trust only those dating agencies, about which you have heard from friends or read positive reviews on the Internet. Secondly, every self-respecting dating agency has a solid photo archive of pretty wifes, which captures its activities - events held, organized meetings, happy couples. And the photos should not resemble glossy portraits of fashion magazines, they should show you ordinary women;

Mail-order brides are legal?

Legality of the mail order bride defines a fully assembled package of documents. The mail order bride agency will help you collect all the documents and do all the paperwork, you will only have to make the appropriate payment for the services rendered.